‘Gallant’ Nigerian soldiers brutalize a disabled man in Onitsha

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‘Gallant’ Nigerian military men have been caught on camera brutalizing a disabled man in Onitsha.

The clip shows the armed men in uniform drag the defenseless man on the ground after throwing away his wheelchair. They thereafter lashed him repeatedly with every authority that their guns and their uniform could buy them. The treatment was purportedly the soldiers’ way of punishing the disabled man for wearing a military camouflage, but our finding shows that no section of the Nigerian constitution recommends such inhuman treatment for a Nigerian who wears a military camouflage.

Although the Nigerian military is no stranger to barbaric human right abuses, this particular incident is significant as it is coming at a time when pointing out the ills of a military that has killed more innocent civilians than the nation’s deadliest terror group is gradually being criminalized by those in government who want every soldier to be qualified with only the adjective ‘gallant’.

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