Labour leaders rally against rising cost of living with smiles on their faces

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The Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress yesterday staged what they called a protest march in the Federal Capital Territory against rising cost of living and bad governance in the country.


The protest which was led by NLC and TUC national presidents, Ayuba Wabba and Bobboi Kaigama respectively began by 8am at Unity Fountain in the nation’s capital.


At the start of the rally, the labour leaders spoke on top of their voices over how there is no sign of good governance in the country and how ordinary Nigeria workers who they represent were suffering as a result.


However, towards the end of the rally, the labour leaders were photographed shining their teeth inside the Presidential Villa and shaking hands with the very head of governance in Nigeria whose policies they were supposed to be protesting against.



The good time even lasted for quite a  moment.



And it was all warm and friendly. Bobboi Kaigama couldn’t even hide his joy when the acting president offered him a hand to shake while two of his colleagues watched enviously from a corner.



Now, where does the suffering of the Nigerian worker fit in all of these?


Ọlaọha Ezeja

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