Security operatives arrest chocolate city boss, Audu Maikori

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The Nigerian Police yesterday arrested Chocolate city boss and a powerful voice speaking against the ongoing genocide against the people of Southern Kaduna state by Fulani herdsmen.

Mr Audu Maikori was picked up in Lagos on Friday and flown to Abuja on charges of ‘making inciting comments’, a now famous phrase used by Nigerian security operatives to describe the position of all those who do not agree with them and their pay masters.

Reports on social media indicate that Mr Maikori was arrested on the orders of Kaduna state governor, Mallam Nasir El-rufai who has blamed everybody but himself for the genocide going on against the people of a particular section of his state despite he is the only one who has revealed to the whole world that he has been hobnobbing with the people responsible for the unending killings and destruction of properties.


Mr Maikori, a lawyer and a Southern Kaduna native has been vocal against the killings being perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen. In a series of tweets in late January, Mr Maikori had narrated a herdsmen attack on close relatives. The attack later turned out to be false, and Mr Maikori apologised, stating that he had sourced information from an unreliable source.


But despite his apologies, Kaduna state governor who has been trying very hard alongside some other Fulani elites in the state to blame the people of Southern Kaduna for why they are getting killed, became keen on exploiting his mistake as justification for their warped view. Mr Maikori’s driver who he mentioned as the source of information he passed out through his tweets, and a reporter who picked up the information have since been arrested.


And with the news coming out from Lagos on Friday, it’s not far from reason that Mr Maikori has been arrested not for mistakenly narrating a herdsmen attack that never took place some time in January but for stating the facts about herdsmen attacks on his people that have been taking place before January and have continued to take place after January.


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