Communities in Kuje area council of Abuja have no primary health care facility

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A visit to Kuje area council in the Federal Capital Territory reveals that basic health care needs of residents are not taken care of as there is no basic health care facility.

One community that is 2km from the council headquarters has a primary health care center, but it is dilapidated and is manned by health care personnel who turn up to work at will.

A leader of the community blames the government, revealing that the health care facility has been neglected for over ten years.

“Ours is not a hospital. If you go inside the building we call hospital you cannot find any hospital equipment.”

He said.

Other communities in the area council cannot even boast of any primary health care center at all. Residents of these communities travel several kilometers to Kuje town to attend to their basic health needs.

The journey to Kuje is dangerous as it’s tortuous. Roads are so bad that during the rainy season they are almost unusable. Residents tell stories of how their loved ones ended up dead before completing the journey to Kuje, either by falling into the hands of sword-welding bandits or in the hands of the ailments they were travelling to go and treat.

A community leader of one of these communities, Mr Ibrahim Abubakar calls on the government to come to their aid.

“The issue of healthcare centre has been bordering us in this community for a very long time.”

He said in Hausa.

“I’m pleading with the council to do something about it.”

He added.

A health worker in a primary health care centre in another community in the local council laments how they are made to work without the supply of drugs by the authorities.

When contacted, the chairman of Kuje area council, Alhaji Abdullahi Galadima who came into office last year blamed past administrations in the local council for the rot in the health care system. He stated that the challenges of health care were inherited by his administration, but gave the assurance that he has initiated measures to tackle them.

“We are aware that most of the primary health care centres are dilapidated. Some of these primary health care centres are out of drugs.  I want to assure the people of Kuje area council that we are moving on, and certainly will be paying attention to health facilities.”

He stated.

Alhaji Galadima further called on residents to be patient as efforts are ongoing to resolve some of the problems facing the health care system in their communities, but when your loved one is in the jaws of death, it’s difficult to see how much patience you can have before wanting them saved.

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