NFF urged to seek for alternative means of sourcing fund for the payment of national team coaches

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A former Under-17 coach, Gidado Usman has called on the Nigeria Football Federation to seek for alternative means of sourcing fund for the payment of national team coaches.

Coach Gidado made this statement in Abuja while talking to newsmen. He advised the marketing department of the NFF to go out on a drive and look for sponsors.

“Payment of coaches is very crucial, because it’s from the payment that the coach should be able to articulate with his programmes, make his programmes towards achieving what he has planned for the country.

“The Nigeria Football Federation marketing department has a lot to do. The NFF relies so much on the government. The marketing department supposed to be the one that will go round and make sure that the issue of payment of technical crew, that they should be taken care of. They should not necessarily wait for the government.”

He stated.

Gidado also told the NFF to stop moving coaches from one age group to another to maintain continuity and professionalism.

“One mistake they are doing is, when you win a tournament, they move both the technical crew and the entire set that won the championship to the next grade, which is very wrong. The coach who is used in the youth category, when you move him to the next category, he won’t get it easy.

“So we should be able to categorize certain coaches who are used in the youth category.”

He explained further.

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