Church wants youth to see the economic recession as an opportunity to excel

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Nigerian youth have been charged to come up with creative ideas that will take the country out of its present economic challenges.

A so-called motivational speaker, Mr Sampson Paul gave the charge at a business and career workshop organized by the Living Faith Church, Lokogoma Abuja.

The workshop, with the theme, Beyond Limit in Business and Career was aimed at creating a platform to harness the potential of youths.

Mr Paul urged Nigerians to see the current economic recession in the country as opportunity for greater innovation.

“Recession is an advantage when a man is creative. Nigeria needs not just entrepreneurs as it were. Entrepreneur functions when everything is okay, but when things are no longer in place, for an entrepreneur to survive he needs to step up his game to become an inventor-preneur.”

He said.

Mr Paul also enjoined the youth to engage themselves in skillful endeavours instead of waiting for white-collar jobs.

“Nigerians are poor because we are looking for glorious opportunity. And real wealth is in dirt. For you to get wealthy you have to be dirty.

“And every good thing in life comes out of dust. Food is borne out of dust. Clothing come out of dust. Crude oil comes out of dust. But Africans are ashamed of dust.”

He flowed.

On his part, the senior pastor of Living Faith Church, Lokogoma Abuja, Mr Isaac Oyedepo advised youth to seek more exposure to explore their innate abilities.

“I think this kind of summit is key to help us think outside the box, and to expose the mind in us to the potential ¬†that is in us and have them processed for success.

He said.

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