Save Accident Victims Association of Nigeria warns against reckless driving this Easter

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Abuja chapter of the Save Accident Victims Association of Nigeria(SAVAN) wants motorists to avoid reckless driving and over-speeding to reduce the rate of road accident during this Easter period.

Coordinator of the association, Comrade Abdullahi Yahya gave the advice in an interview in Abuja.

Comrade Yahya who noted that accidents are more frequent at festive periods called on drivers to keep the traffic rules and respect the rights of other road users.

“Our regular advice at this period is to appeal to all stakeholders, everybody using the road, even the pedestrians crossing the roads that they should all be patient to obey the regulations.

“Before you move your vehicle outside your house or outside the park please check your tyres, check your engine, check your ignition and your traffic gators and ensure that everything is working well.

“As you go out to the road, don’t over-speed. Don’t overtake at wrong places. You should be able to see your front very clearly before you overtake anybody.”

He said.

Comrade Yahya also cautioned drivers against taking hard substances before driving.

“Drivers particularly should ensure that they are patient. You don’t need to drink alcohol. What many people don’t understand that alcohol does not energize. Alcohol depresses your senses of reasoning, your senses of action, and you will be having misjudgments over the functions of your vehicle. So, these are the things that I believe that if we all do as road users, the level of crashes during this season is definitely going to be reduced.”

He explained.

Comrade Yahya also called on relevant traffic management agencies to ensure proper patrol to check the excesses of motorists on the highways.

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