Akume, Gemade call for the establishment of a military base in Benue state

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Senator representing Benue North-West at the National Assembly, Senator George Akume has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to hasten the establishment of a military base in Benue state to check the incessant killings perpetrated through attacks by Fulani herdsmen and local criminal gangs.

In an interview at the National Assembly, Senator Akume said that the guerrilla tactics the assailants had adopted was beyond the scope of the training given to officers of the Nigerian Police Force.

“The Police alone may not be able to combat the situation. And that’s all. If you have a battalion in the southern area, preferably in Katsina Ala, it will be much easier for them to respond faster than the present situation where they have to move from Makurdi after the attack, and it doesn’t take one hour to conduct an attack. Sometimes it’s 30 minutes, or just under one hour and they are gone. It’s like a guerrilla kind of approach that they have adopted.”

He said.

The former governor turned Senator also clarified that not all killings in the state are carried out by Fulani herdsmen as a local criminal gang is also actively involved.

“There are two types of attacks here: first one is by herdsmen, and the second one is attacks being perpetrated by an assumed warlord. He has been declared wanted by security agencies. It is highly suspected that he is behind the Zaki Biam killings.

“We hope this will soon be over with such work the President has done giving out marching order to the military and the police to fish out the perpetrators.”

He explained.

Senator Barnabas Andyar Gemade representing Benue North-East senatorial district in the National Assembly had in a plenary last month also called for the formation of a military base in Benue state to enhance the response of security agencies to the unending barbaric attacks by both Fulani herdsmen and local terror gang under the command of one Terwase Akwaza also known as Gana.

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