Free cancer treatment for albinos reinstated at the National Hospital

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The Albino Foundation says free cancer treatment at the National Hospital Abuja has been reinstated by the federal government.

The founder of the foundation, Jake Epelle stated this at a media conference ahead of his national day in Abuja.

The free cancer treatment for persons with albinism at the National Hospital was suspended by the federal government due to lack of fund.

Mr Epelle said over three thousand persons with albinism benefited from the free treatment before its suspension.

“The honourable minister, Professor Adewole has assured me that never again will National Hospital stop the treatment of persons  with albinism. He emphatically stated that he has instructed them never to stop the treatment.”

He said.

Speaking on the forthcoming National Albinism Day, Mr Epelle said this year’s focus was at raising funds for the treatment of albinos affected with skin cancer.

“In the next two days, we will start the campaign, fundraising and to bring more awareness to the issues that concern skin cancer.”

He disclosed.

Mr Epelle who called on persons with albinism to stay away from sunlight also advised parents whose children have albinism to educate their children on the importance of protecting themselves from sun to avoid skin cancer.

Some persons with albinism narrated their ordeals in the society.

“Me and my cousin sister went for an interview. I wrote my own application and she wrote hers. Because of me, they said we should go that they will call us. They did not call me while they called others,”

A lady with albinism narrated.

It is estimated that there are over twenty seven thousand persons with albinism affected with skin cancer in Nigeria

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