It’s unreasonable and irresponsible, Nigeria lambasts the US for pulling out of the Paris Agreement

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Nigeria has identified as unreasonable and irresponsible the decision of US president, Donald Trump to pull his country out of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

This is as the country has expressed its willingness to continue to abide by the agreement.

The minister of state for environment, Alhaji Usman Jibril made the assurance at a news briefing preparatory to this year’s World Environment Day.

Alhaji Usman who expressed concern over the move by the United States called on other United Nations member country to sustain their commitment in the interest of humanity.

“This is an agreement that was signed by more than 190 countries. There is no doubt that the United States’ decision will pose some little setback, but Nigeria will not pull out of this agreement because we know the importance of it.

“Everybody that is reasonable and responsible knows that there is no way away from climate change rather than to address it squarely.”

He said.

The minister commended the resolve by some countries who he said will play key roles in achieving the aims of the Paris Agreement.

“Almost all the major players, from the big economies in the EU like Germany, France, Italy made a joint statement condemning the act and promising to fill the gap that may probably be left.

“The Russians, the Chinese which is also a big emitter are working to stay in it. For the US, we wish them all the best, but they cannot cow the entire world into thinking the way they are thinking.”

He added.

Alhaji Jibril gave an assurance that the ministry of environment will continue to fashion out ways to tackle environmental challenges in the country.

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