Connecting with Nature in 2017

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Today is World Environment Day. It’s a day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate the natural environment and also reflect on measures and interventions to protect lives and property from environmental disaster.

It is also aimed at raising global awareness on the need to take positive environmental action to protect nature and planet earth.

“Our environment is our life and our life is our environment. You’re a product of the kind of environment you come our from. So the way you treat your environment is very important because it is going to affect what ever that eventually becomes of you in life.”

An environmental activist explained.

The conservator general, National Park Service Abuja, Alhaji Goni Ibrahim who spoke on the significance of the day also elaborated on the theme of this year’s celebration.

“The significance of the day to Nigeria is to create awareness about the environment. Our forest resources are daily being over-exploited, our wild animal resources are being over-exploited, our mineral resources are daily being over-exploited by our people. So are our water resources.

“Our waste products are not properly managed for a clean environment.”

He explained.

The national project coordinator, Nigeria Erosion and Water Shed Management Project, Mallam Salisu Dalhiru described the World Environment Day as an intervention for the survival of humanity.

“Relating it to nature is the fact that we see what is the impact of the various components of the environment on our lives.

“Without oxygen which is the air we breathe, we cannot survive. If there is too much carbon-dioxide, we will not survive. If there is too much pollution in the air, we cannot survive. If there is pollution in our water, we cannot survive because we need the water to do everything. Nobody can survive without water.

“Taking care of the environment is directly linked to taking care and ensuring that human survival is guaranteed.”

He explained.

The registrar, Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria, Dr Abuniyi Dominic said it is the responsibility of the agency to work towards protecting the environment.

“The Environmental Health Officers Registration Council is a council for regulation of the environmental health profession.

“So we create a workforce that educates, a workforce that enforces, a workforce that tenders the environment.

“When environmental health officials are on duty, we relate every activity they undertake on the environment to its consequence in relation to what it will bring to us.

“Therefore we are the greatest bridge builders between the environment and environmental conditions to our lives and our survival.”

He explained.

The minister of state for environment, Alhaji Usman Jibril spoke on the focus of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

“Our environment is ours. It has to remain clean. We must be conscious of harmful effects of our actions to the environment, and we must make sure that at all times we take good care of our environment. Keep it clean. Do something that is sustainable. Adopt smart practices, smart agriculture, green economy and sustainable development.

“If we do these we will be leaving the earth in a better form for our children. If we continue with business as usual, we have to reverse the trend on climate change to make sure that we live in a clean and sustainable environment.”

He said.

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