“Punishment for stealing should be death by firing squad,”

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A lecturer with the University of Abuja, Professor Yusuf Zoaka has called for stiffer punishment for acts of corruption.

He made the call in an interview in Abuja.

Professor Zoaka who explained that corrupt practices in the country have resulted in the decay in all sectors of the economy said the measure will address the menace.

“We have to be serious about fighting corruption since corruption has become so deadly because a lot of people have died because of bad roads which is as result of corruption. A lot of people have died in the hospitals because of bad drugs because people at the border checking the drugs that are coming into the country would not ensure that the drugs are up to standard before allowing them in.

“All sorts of fake things come into the country because those who are given the responsibility to prevent this are not doing their work as it should be done.

“So, if we are serious about fighting this monster, then it means that the punishment for stealing should be death by firing squad.”

He said.

Professor Zoaka also called for the strengthening of the anti-graft agencies to check the ugly trend.


Mebeka Madu

Mebeka Madu is a news editor for ezeja and is based in Enugu.
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