Employees of government-owned media outlets think journalism should be all about propagating Nigeria’s oneness

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Employees of government-owned media outlets under the aegis of Christian Fellowship of Media Practitioners of Nigeria have unanimously agreed that the most important objective of the Nigerian journalist should be propagating the country’s oneness.

This is as the general overseer of Dominion Chapel, Bishop John Praise wants Nigerians to be united for the sake of peace and development in the nation.

He made the call at a church programme organized by the Christian Fellowship of Media Practitioners of Nigeria in Abuja.

In his sermon, Bishop Praise admonished Nigerians to see the country as a blessed nation that cannot afford to disintegrate.

He stressed the need for citizens to be in the vanguard of praying for peace and justice to reign in the country.

“The elders need to rise up and speak to the young people. The young ones’ blood is boiling. There may be crisis that when it starts, nobody knows when it will end. We have been together all these years, and I believe that God did not make a mistake by putting us, from different communities and different tribes, together as a nation.”

He said.

In an address, the director of finance, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Mr Michael Oluwole advised journalists to be cautious in reporting issues capable of destroying the peace and unity of the country.

“It’s for us to see our job as a challenge to propagate the oneness of Nigeria which is our strength.”

He said.

Earlier, the president of Christian fellowship of Media Practitioners of Nigeria, Pastor Emmanuel Zakari said the media has a role to play in promoting oneness through objective reportage.

“The role of the media is to disseminate information, and once the information is disseminated it does two things. It can kill. It can sustain. So we the media practitioners are like the propeller of Nigeria.”

He said.

The service also witnessed special prayer for the quick recovery of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The theme of the special service is: I will build Nigeria and the gate of Hell shall not prevail against it.

Ọlaọha Ezeja

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