NLC boss, Ayuba Wabba elected into the governing body of the International Labour Organization

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President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Ayuba Wabba has been elected into the governing body of the International Labour Organization to serve for a period of three years.

This was the outcome of the election conducted by the 187 member states of the ILO at the ongoing International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

The governing body of the ILO is its executive arm, and it’s where programmes of the organization are drafted and decisions concerning workers’ welfare around the world are taken.

Members of the body meet three times every year in Geneva for periodic review of all emerging issues and challenges in the labour world.

Ayuba Wabba described his election into the body as an opportunity for effective representation of the Nigerian worker at the world stage.

“It’s an opportunity to have our reps at this highest level – because this is the highest level of taking decision. It’s also an opportunity to give a voice to the Nigerian worker, the pensioners, and by and large, African and workers of the world.”

He said.

Wabba dedicated his election into the body to the Nigerian worker and labour leaders in the African continent.

“You need to earn the confidence of your colleagues for them to send you to go and represent them, and I think it’s a welcome development that I was sent. We will continue to build on that. We will continue to participate actively in where we have participated actively in all the processes of the ILO.”

He stated.

The NLC boss was elected alongside presidents of trade unions from Angola and Kenya to represent workers from Africa.

Back home however, Wabba’s tenure as head of the nation’s most powerful workers union has been anything but impressive. He has failed to tackle the issue of workers been owed their salaries and arrears for a period of up to ten months by states and federal government and the organized private sector.

Despite a huge fall in the value of the nation’s currency that has gravely affected its purchasing power, the nation’s minimum wage has remained NGN18, 000, an amount that is far below a living wage.

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