FRSC launches ‘Operation Cobra’ to enforce psychiatric evaluation for traffic offenders

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The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has launched a new operation named Operation Cobra to enforce psychiatric evaluation for traffic offenders.

The corps marshal of the FRSC, Boboye Oyeyemi who chaired the inauguration of the operation in Abuja said government will do all it could to reduce the increasing rate of road accidents in the country.

“I’m deploying ten well-equipped patrol bikes and five patrol cars specifically for this assignment in the FCT.”

He said.

“The critical junctions we have identified in the FCT will be effectively manned round the clock. We must not allow the few lawless drivers to maim and injure other road users.”

He added.

The FRSC boss also warned against assaulting the officers of the commission, promising that he will deploy the arsenal of the law to prosecute such incident.

“The corps will not tolerate any form of assault on its personnel. I will press for maximum punishment with the support of the Federal ministry of justice to make sure that I send them to jail. These are law enforcement agents that are being funded by the government. All road users, especially the passengers that are fond of assaulting our personnel, I will get them arrested, and with the help of the Inspector general of police, criminal cases will be filed against them and I will make sure I send them to jail.”

He said.

Oyeyemi expressed optimism that the new operation would also be introduced at the FRSC zonal offices across the country.

The Federal Road Safety Commission on June 11 announced that all traffic offenders caught by its officers would be compelled to undergo a psychiatric test at the offender’s own expense starting from July 1.

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