Quack doctor infects 6-year old boy with HIV in Nasarawa

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The Nasarawa state command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) has arrested a 30 year old quack doctor, Jonathan Sidi Ibrahim over alleged transfusion of HIV infected blood to a 6-year old boy.

Briefing newsmen in Lafia, the state NSCDC commandant, Lawal Bashir Kano said the suspect was arrested following the complaint of concerned residents of the community in Doma Local government area of the state where the suspect operated an unregistered health clinic known as Abrasion Destiny Clinic.

According to Lawal Bashir Kano, upon persistent ailment, the boy was taken to the Specialist Hospital in Lafia and was confirmed to be HIV positive.

“We made arrest of one Jonathan Sidi Ibrahim. He was running an illegal clinic called Abrasion Destiny Clinic. We received complaints that he infused blood on one 6-year old boy, and when the parents ordered the testing and screening of the boy, it was confirmed that the blood he infused on the child was HIV positive.”

He explained.

Father of the victim, Mr Sylvester Attah who cried out for help citing that he was financially incapable of taking care of him also told his own side of the story.

“He was very sick, and I took him to a hospital in Doma Local Government. The doctor told me that he needed blood. So I went and brought someone who could donate blood for my son. The doctor then did the transfusion. When he became sick again and I took him to another hospital, they found out that he is HIV positive.”

He said.

The suspect, Mr Jonathan Sidi Ibrahim however claimed he was a community health extension worker, helping in the provision of the health care needs of people at the grassroots.

“Last year they transferred one patient from another hospital to my own. The doctor told them that the boy needed blood. So I asked them to go and bring their people so we can screen their blood and choose who could donate blood for the transfusion. I screened their blood. Then I took blood from one man and put on the boy. Last week, they met me saying that they discovered that it was the blood that I gave to the boy that infected him with HIV, and that the donor is also HIV positive.”

He explained.

The 6-year old victim of the quackery was already looking visibly sick, prompting speculation that his HIV might have already developed into full-blown AIDS.

Abrasion Destiny Clinic has however been closed down by operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.

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