5 Things Buyers & Renters Want To See In A Real Estate Listing

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If a real estate listing  has no photos, it mostly won’t be considered; if its description is just a single line repeating the listing title, it will hardly be taken serious; and if all available proof of the seller’s existence is just their phone numbers, many would rather scroll pass and keep searching.

To find a buyer or renter for your property, your listing must contain those things that people look out for when they go in search for property to rent or buy online.

Below are the five most important things buyers and renters want to see in a real estate listing from our recent observations at Tukool.


Great Photos.

People searching for a flat or house to rent or buy want to see exactly what the flat or house looks like.

They want to see how wide the kitchen is. They want to see what and what are in the bathroom.  A real estate listing should be able to provide for prospective buyers and renters something to look at in the form of a pictorial presentation of the most important features and components of the property.


Good Property Description.

A real estate listing should be able to answer a potential buyer’s every question through its property description.  When was the house built? What was the house built with?

Is it close to any school or church? Is the neigbourhood safe?

Prospective buyers and renters need to understand the kind of place they are getting into, and any listing that helps them do that is highly considered.


Property Seller’s Face & Short Biography.

It’s common for real estate agents and owners to not have enough time to include in their listing page anything apart from their phone numbers. This is however not helpful at all.

Providing a dozen phone numbers without any mention of who you are and while you are the best in what you do won’t get anyone to call you.

Your potential clients need to know who they are about to do business with, so your listing page should have your photo, a clear description of who you are, and your address.

There are very many persons on the internet claiming to have thousands of cheap plots of land for sale even in Heaven, and your listing page should be able to convince your potential clients that you’re not one of those.


Verifiable Property Address.

If all the address on your real estate listing is the city where the property is located, there is no way potential buyers or renters can make their choice of streets or neigbourhood.

Again, if the address of your property exists nowhere on the map, then it can easily be waved aside as fraudulent.

Knowing your property address and including it in your listing not only enhances the listing’s credibility but also its chances of being discovered by the person with the highest prospect to buy or rent it.


Property Documents.

Real estate transaction involves the transfer of legal documents, and buyers looking at a real estate listing want to be sure that such transfer will take place should they eventually pay for the property.

A real estate listing should contain all of the property’s documents, as well as the plan and design. These should convince buyers that the property does actually exist, and is designed and built as advertised.




Tukool has a comprehensive listing of flats, houses & land for sale & for rent with interest in guiding users into making the best choice.

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Tukool has a comprehensive listing of flats, houses & land for sale & for rent with interest in guiding users into making the best choice.

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