Editorial Policy

EZEJA News aims to provide timely and incisive reportage on current events, with a cherished chunk of effort dedicated to covering all angles of said events to enable our readers understand why the event happened and not only inform them that it happened.

We won’t publish a quote from an ‘unnamed source’, from ‘a reliable source’, or from ‘a source who would only speak anonymously’. We exist to make claims that we are ready to defend, so we can only seek the input of those who share that important vision of ours.

We won’t in any circumstance alter the quote of our source. However when our source had passed their information through broken English, Igbo, Hausa or any other language, we try as much as possible to provide the best translation for effective understanding.

We do use photo for illustration for now. This might change in the future as we grow to become capable of always getting that picture that tells the exact story as the words of the report in which it appears in, but all the same we are committed to enhancing our reader’s understanding of our reports and not to confusing or manipulating them.